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Purna Kid Yoga and Family Yoga are back!

More PY828 favorites are back on the schedule! We’re so happy to announce that Purna Kid Yoga and Family Yoga have started up again. Rebekah Walker, certified elementary teacher and Purna Yoga instructor, is offering two, hour-long, family-oriented classes: Purna Kid Yoga on Friday afternoons at 4:15 and Family Yoga on Sunday mornings at 10:30.

Purna Kid Yoga is for any child comfortable with being in a kid-only group, while Family Yoga is for the whole family – although kids aged 7+ are welcome to attend solo. Join Rebekah for an hour of yoga fun. Hang like a bat or fly like a superhero while gaining self-awareness and self-reliance. Since children are involved, we’re asking all participants to wear a mask.

Purna Kid Yoga is 60 minutes for children to be in the present moment so they can listen to and learn about themselves; practice meditation techniques to increase self-awareness & self-reliance; learn strategies to navigate their busy days joyfully, and have fun with other children. Each class begins with Heartfull® Meditation, before moving into asana/body-awareness experiences. Children can expect to work on a variety of poses including standing poses, simple twists, chest openers, backbends, and be introduced to the Great Yoga Wall.

Family Yoga is a community-oriented class that promotes a healthy lifestyle through families practicing all the aspects of yoga together. Family Yoga is an hour to be in the present moment, let your heart center shine, and share your love with your family. Class begins with Heartfull® Meditation before moving into asana/body-awareness experiences, all through the lens of family interaction. Family members can expect to work on a variety of poses including simple twists, chest openers, standing poses, backbends, and be introduced to the Yoga Wall. Family members are asked to use quiet feet and voices while in the studio.

Register for either class through our online calendar. Registration is limited to 10 people, so please sign up in advance. Each student – including separate siblings – will need to register or be registered by a parent under their own account with a *unique* email address. It’s easiest to sign up using any email address provided to your child through virtual learning last year if applicable. For either class, participants may use a class pass, membership, or drop in for $15. If siblings attend Purna Kid Yoga together, the first one pays $15 and every additional sibling gets in for just $5. For Family Yoga, the first family member joins for $15 and all additional family members are $5. We also have a Purna Kid pass: 4 classes for $55 with a 3-month expiration date.

If you have any difficulties in signing up or your child doesn’t have an email address, give us a call and we’ll get you registered.

See you on the kid-sized mat!

Letitia Walker
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