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Purna Yoga 828

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Asheville, NC 28806

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Class Descriptions

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Start Yoga Now, Beginner's 6-week Series

Fall 2022 Sessions:

September 6th-October 11th (FULL)
October 12th-November 16th (Wednesday mornings)
October 18th-November 22nd (Tuesday evenings)

Class Description:

This 6-week course is designed for the total beginner. Each 75-minute class covers the basics that will give students the confidence and knowledge to join any of our all-level classes. Students gain more strength and flexibility while alleviating pain, learn how to manage stress more effectively, and build a deeper connection with their selves while also learning the basic series of Purna Yoga, simple Heartfull® Meditation techniques, “yoga lingo,” and even how to fold a blanket.

Purna Yoga Basics, Beginner's Level

Pre-recorded (access to recording for 7 days): Wednesdays at 10 am
In-studio Only: Wednesdays at 9 am 

Class Description:

If you are interested in yoga, looking for a chance to exercise and move but are worried about inexperience, or aren’t quite sure what “Purna Yoga” is, Purna Yoga Basics is the perfect class for you! Learn the fundamentals, proper alignment, and safety considerations. Get the tools you need to become both stronger and more flexible, less anxious, and more in tune with your mind, body, and spirit. Purna Yoga Basics focuses on building strength and flexibility through standing poses, hip openers and shoulder strengtheners, twists, introductory backbends, and the preps for inversions.  Use your monthly membership, 10-class pass, or pay for a drop-in class.

Form & Function, All Levels

In-studio Only: Tuesdays at Noon, Thursdays at 6pm, and Fridays at 8:45 am

Class Description:

Each class begins with Heartfull® Meditation before moving into alignment-based asana. Students learn the basic Purna Yoga Series designed by Aadil Palkhivala and develop an understanding of the basic points of alignment for safe, effective, sustainable yoga. Students should expect to work on a variety of poses: standing poses, simple twists, chest openers and simple backbends, as well as preparations for Head Stand and Shoulder Stand. Variations are given as needed for each student to explore the movement of their body in a variety of poses. Classes also incorporate anatomy mini-lectures, applied philosophy, as well as discussions of nutrition and lifestyle choices. Excellent for beginners or anyone who wishes to focus on the nuts-and-bolts of practice. Use your monthly membership, 10-class pass, or pay for a drop-in class.

Strength & Stamina, Level 1

Hybrid (Online & In-studio options): Mondays at 10 am
In-studio Only: Mondays at 6 pm, Wednesdays at Noon


Class Description:

Strength & Stamina, Level 1 classes are for the student who has a working sense of the basic series of Purna Yoga (Opening, Morning, Hip Opening, Classical Surya Namaskar) as well as a solid understanding of the basic poses including standing poses, twists, backbends, forward bends, and inversion preparations. Strength & Stamina classes are usually faster-paced, involve less instruction, and have greater identification of poses by their Sanskrit names only. Expect multiple rounds of Classical Surya Namaskar, longer holds of poses, a deeper exploration of Heartfull® Meditation, and the opportunity to strengthen your connection to the teacher within. Use your monthly membership, 10-class pass, or pay for a drop-in class.

Strength & Stamina, Level 2

Hybrid (Online & In-studio options): Thursdays at 9 am
Online Only (access to recording for 7 days): Fridays at 10 am

Class Description:

Level 2 classes build on a student’s knowledge of alignment and form and give the opportunity to develop greater strength and flexibility in standing poses, twists, backbends, forward bends, and inversions. These classes go beyond the basics to deepen and expand the student’s study of yoga. Classes rely heavily on the use of Sanskrit to denote poses and lessen instructional cues so that students – who already have a working understanding of Purna Yoga series and common practice concepts – can focus more on the feeling of the poses rather than on the voice of an instructor and also incorporate anatomy mini-lectures, applied philosophy, as well as discussions of nutrition and lifestyle choices. Recommended 6 months’ experience in alignment-based yoga. Use your monthly membership, 10-class pass, or pay for a drop-in class.

Hips & Heart, All Levels

Online Only (access to recording for 7 days): Tuesdays at 10 am

Class Description:

This 75-minute class starts off with extended time with Heartfull® Meditation, then a deeper exploration of the Hip Opening Series, and ends with a focus on Pranayama (breath-work), and in between, you’ll find a variety of poses that leave you with greater flexibility and strength in the hips, shoulders, and chest. While this slower-paced class might involve more floor work and appear on the surface to be one of our more gentle classes, it offers students the opportunity to be more internally referential, to focus on the breath as the conduit for the mind/body connection, and to soothe and strengthen the nervous system through Pranayama. Use your monthly membership, 10-class pass, or pay for a drop-in class.

The Great Wall

In-studio Only: Wednesdays at 6pm
Hybrid (Online & In-studio options, access to recordings for 7 days): Saturdays at 10 am

Class Description:

This 90-minute class explores the many ways the Great Yoga Wall can deepen your yoga practice by using traction to decompress the spine, to ease muscle tension in the entire body, to deepen twists and backbends, to create more space and hence mobility in the hip joints, to build strength in shoulder and arm muscles not usually accessed in traditional asana. Each class will focus on a particular theme: neck and shoulder work; hip openers; standing poses; twists and backbends; inversions; and the crème de la crème: the Spinal Rejuvenation Series. 6 months asana experience required. Not for beginners. Use your monthly membership, 10-class pass, or pay for a drop-in class. If you’re joining us virtually, you must have access to a Great Yoga Wall system.

Reset & Restore, 4-week Series

On Hiatus

Class Description:

Reset & Restore is our periodic restorative yoga series. Designed to still the busy mind and relax the body, restorative poses use a variety of props to allow the body to sink deeply into poses, thereby releasing physical tension and restoring calm and balance to the parasympathetic nervous system. This 75-minute class begins with about 20 minutes of gentle active poses that prepare the body for the longer, supported poses that let the muscles unwind even further, improving your mobility and flexibility. Restorative yoga is a vital self-care practice that cultivates compassion for yourself and others. Let go of your workday stresses and reconnect to the light within you and the joy in your heart with Reset & Restore.

Introduction to Heartfull® Meditation, 4-week Series

On Hiatus

Class Description:

This 4-week, 45-minute, online-only series introduces you to the basic techniques of Heartfull® Meditation as created by Savitri, one of Purna Yoga’s co-founders, and includes a guided meditation utilizing the techniques. These simple, practical techniques incorporate hand movements, breath, visualization, and connecting to beautiful feelings to foster inner connection and clarity throughout the day. Rooted in the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, Heartfull Meditation helps you connect to the spark of the divine within you through dynamic and transformative meditation.  Appropriate for all students interested in practicing meditation as a way to connect more deeply with the inner Self, the inner purpose, and most importantly, the inner smile. Each class is recorded with access for the next 7 days.

Purna Kid Yoga

On Hiatus

Class Description:

Purna Kid Yoga is 60 minutes for children to be in the present moment so they can listen to and learn about themselves; practice meditation techniques to increase self-awareness & self-reliance; learn strategies to navigate their busy days joyfully, and have fun with other children. Each class begins with Heartfull® Meditation, before moving into alignment-based asana. Children can expect to work on a variety of poses including standing poses, simple twists, chest openers, backbends, and be introduced to the Great Yoga Wall. Recommended for children ages 5+. Kids can drop in for $15, use a family member’s pass or membership, or get their own Purna Kid class pass (4 classes for $55, 3-month expiration date). Additional siblings can come along for just $5.

Family Yoga

On Hiatus

Class Description:

If you are looking for a family activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle, if your child wants to do yoga with you, or if you want to share your yoga practice with younger family members, then Family Yoga is for y’all. Family Yoga is an hour to be in the present moment, let your heart center shine, and share your love with your family. Class begins with Heartfull® Meditation before moving into alignment-based asana. Family members can expect to work on a variety of poses including simple twists, chest openers, standing poses, backbends, and be introduced to the yoga wall. Family members are asked to use quiet feet and voices while in the studio. Recommended for elementary-age children participating with an adult family member. Children ages 7+ may join without an adult. The first family member can use a membership, class pass, or drop in for $15. Additional family members attend for just $5.

Art & Asana

On Hiatus

Class Description:

Do you enjoy art: examining art, talking about it, being inspired by it, and sharing the love of art with others? Do you like yoga: exploring your practice, talking about yoga, being inspired by how yoga makes you feel, and sharing the yogic experience with others? Art & Asana is a yogic journey inspired by art found in the Asheville Art Museum. This monthly, all levels, community class features a different piece of art in each class as its focus and inspiration. We will learn about the piece, examine & discuss it, and let our asana practice be inspired by it. Each class begins with Heartfull® Meditation, before moving into alignment-based asana. Participants can expect to work on a variety of poses including standing poses, simple twists, chest openers, backbends, and be introduced to the Great Yoga Wall. Join us on the third Saturday of each month. All are welcome to this community class, though we recommend children be age 5 and older. Use your hybrid membership, class pass, or drop-in for $15.



First Timers

What you need to know about our classes.

Namaste | Namaskarasana | Heartfull Meditation Purna Yoga Asheville, NC

Every class begins with guided Heartfull Meditation and the Opening Series to center the heart and mind, and open the body for practice. Classes may be built on a particular theme, either anatomical or philosophical, or cater to the specific needs of the students’ bodies at that moment.


Throughout class, students are given anatomically oriented direction in asana (poses) with a focus on alignment for safety and exploration as well as energetic direction to deepen the spirit/mind/body connection. Our teachers give clear demonstrations of poses and variations, share yogic philosophy, and guide students into deepening the connection to their inner teacher.


Never taken a yoga class before? Concerned about injuries or limitations? We believe in teaching people, not poses. Every pose can be re-imagined and expressed in a variety of ways in any body. We also use props to make poses accessible for all students. Contact Us to find out which class is right for you.


We have all the props you need, but you are welcome to bring your own mat.

Sign up for our First Timers Pass and get 6 classes for $60 with a 6-week expiration date!


Please wear comfortable clothing that feels good to move in while allowing you to see your body as you practice the poses. We invite you to wear colors that make you feel good as well.


Arrive to class 10 minutes early if it’s your first time so that you and your teacher can talk about any injuries, limitations or concerns you might have. See you in class!

One on One Yoga

Group classes give you the opportunity to practice with a community, a group of people pursuing the goals of yoga together. But sometimes injury, special needs, or the desire to work on a specific focus calls for one-on-one learning; for these we offer specialized Yoga Therapy Sessions and Private/Semi-Private Sessions.

Knee Therapeutics with Letitia | Purna Yoga 828

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy offers the opportunity to move past injuries and restrictions both physical and emotional to alleviate pain and find greater health, happiness and well-being. Letitia incorporates all of the aspects of Purna Yoga (asana & pranayama, nutrition, meditation, and applied philosophy) to help her clients find relief from pain, increased mobility, and a life more easily lived. She specializes in Low-Back, Knee, and Neck and Shoulder Issues. She also works with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other wrists issues as well as foot and ankle work.

We recommend a 90 minute session for your first yoga therapy appointment so there is plenty of time to cover the presenting complaints as well as address all the aspects of healing (asana, nutrition, and meditation).

Call  828 230 8213  for a FREE initial phone consultation to assess your needs and what you’d like to get out of your One-on-One Yoga session.

Yoga Therapy Pricing


60-min session


*90-min session

Cancellation Policy: A charge of 50% of the session cost will be due if cancelled with less than 24-hr notice.

Private and Semi-Private Sessions

But what if you just want to find more specific ways to lengthen your hamstrings, open your hips in a balanced way, refine your Head Stand or Shoulder Stand, or learn a few specific series tailor made for you to practice at home? Private (or semi-private – 5 or fewer) Instruction is perfect for answering this individualized questions that can’t be addressed effectively in a group setting. Just as lovely is the use of semi-privates for birthday celebrations, pre-wedding day gatherings, or any time you want to gather with friends for a special focus.

Letitia Walker | Handstand | Purna Yoga Asheville, NC
Private Session Pricing

$90 – $108

60-min session

$120 – $140

90-min session

Cancellation Policy: A charge of 50% of the session cost will be due if cancelled with less than 24-hr notice.

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