Workshops and Retreats

Upcoming Workshops, 6-week Series, and Trainings

Workshops and 6-week Series are the opportunity to go deeper: deeper in your knowledge of a particular topic or deeper in your physical practice with a longer class time than the standard 90 minutes. Ultimately, workshops can help you go deeper within, to learn more about who you are, and to strengthen the connection to your innermost self.

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  • In March 2022, Purna Yoga 828 offers its next 200-hour Life of Yoga Training. Study yoga to connect with your heart and live your purpose through enrollment in Purna Yoga College....

  • Learn the basics of Heartfull Meditation and join a group of long-standing meditators for 30 minutes of guided, dynamic meditation to start your week centered, focused, and connected to your spirit....

  • Restorative yoga is a vital self-care practice that cultivates compassion for yourself and others. Let go of your workday stresses and reconnect to the light within you and the joy in your heart with ...

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