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Aug 17th: Exploring Hip Mobility

Exploring Hip Mobility with Letitia

Saturday, August 17th, 2024  •  1:30-3:30 pm EDT

Join us in person or online for this two-hour workshop!

$40 ($36 for PY828 members)

12 in-studio spaces • Live attendance not necessary for online students • 30 days access to recording for all

Dive into the experience of embodiment and play with hip mobility during this two-hour workshop exploring internal and external rotation of the hips.


At Purna Yoga 828, we generally present two types of workshops: one that is meant to impart information that will continue to blossom in a student’s practice and understanding over time and one that is an experience in itself where you leave the workshop with a completely different feeling than when you came in. This workshop is the latter. Sure, you’re going to learn things about your hips and how to access more mobility around internal and external rotation of the hips, but primarily you will leave this workshop feeling like you just got brand new hips.

We’ll spend the first hour exploring ways to deepen internal rotation by using different tactics to release the glutes and external rotators of the hips – chief culprits in limiting this movement. We’ll use forward bending as a marker to see the changes we’ve introduced with this work. Our second hour will focus on opening the muscles of the inner thighs – the adductors. Then we’ll see how this work aids our stabilization in a few standing poses.

In all poses, we’ll work slowly, methodically, and with care to bring more mobility and balance between these actions without attachment or being driven by ego. We’ll give special attention to our breath to help us meet resistance with compassion. Working almost exclusively on the floor, we’ll take the opportunity to cultivate the mind-body connection and savor the opportunity to pay attention to our bodies with love and gratitude. Let this two-hour workshop be an opportunity to relish being embodied.

I sit all day for work, and learning the Hip Opening Series was a real game-changer in my Purna Yoga journey—and then diving even deeper in this workshop opened up a whole new level of comfort and ease in my body! – J. S., student

Prerequisite: At least 6 months of yoga practice

The following props will be helpful for this workshop. We’ll have all of this for students to use at the studio. For at home participants, to get the most out of this experience, the following props are recommended:

  • a yoga mat
  • a yoga strap (8′ with buckle)
  • at least 2 yoga blankets
  • a pair of yoga blocks


In-person attendees are capped at 12. Masks are optional but welcomed in the studio. Live attendance is not necessary for online participants. All students will receive the class recording and have access to that recording until September 17th. We will have a designated demo model for online participants to be able to view at all times.

Register below or call Purna Yoga 828

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