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Apr. 19-21st: Great Yoga Wall Level 1 Training

Great Yoga Wall™ Weekend Training (Level 1) with Letitia Walker

April 19th – 21st, 2024 at Purna Yoga 828 • see full schedule below

Join us in person or online for this weekend workshop!

12 in-studio spaces available • Access recordings until June 22nd

1 year of asana experience recommended • Tiered pricing options available

Register by March 22nd and get a bonus 30-minute private with Letitia

For yoga teachers and home practitioners alike, learn how to use this fun, multi-faceted, powerful prop to help yourself – and your students – go deeper in yoga practice.

Join us in-studio or online.  Access to a yoga wall system needed for online participation. Live attendance is not necessary but recommended.


Since the beginning of yoga, it has been understood that the human body is constantly under the stress of gravity. Compression of the spine, the joints, and the nervous system, leads to pain, loss of mobility, and aging of the body. The effects of gravity can be reversed, though, by using traction to create space and alignment in the body.

Ancient yogis used vines, tree branches, and whatever was at hand to add traction to their practice. In the late 1960s and early 70s, B. K. S. Iyengar started working with ropes attached to the wall. In the 1980s, Kedric Wolfe, Aadil Palkhivala, and Bryan Legere created The Great Yoga Wall™, an infinitely adjustable version of the Iyengar rope wall that took traction to the next level.

When the pandemic shifted yoga practice to home-study, former studio students started creating dedicated yoga spaces at home, and for some, that meant installing Great Yoga Wall panels. Having a cool prop, though, doesn’t mean you always use it to its full potential, and Letitia found that home practitioners wanted more guidance on how to get the most out of a home wall system.

In this weekend workshop, Letitia – directly trained by Aadil and Bryan – will help teachers and home practitioners alike discover how to use this fun, multi-faceted, powerful prop to help students and themselves go deeper into their yoga practice. Learn a new way to make asana accessible to a wider variety of students with this unique tool.

I am so enjoying the wall classes, and having the recordings is so amazing as I can pause and replay, take notes. It's my favourite thing all week!!!! – Online Student from England
Letitia teaches you how to safely learn the wall in a relaxed, easy-going pace. She will guide you through rope set-up and placement so that you are supported by the ropes which allows access to poses that you may find difficult. You will feel alignment, traction, and an overall sense of stability, groundedness and nervous system support.

The Great Yoga Wall Trainings (and weekly classes) are creative and adventurous, and with Letitia's teaching style and clear instructions you will quickly “learn the ropes” so that you can confidently teach others while improving your personal yoga practice. – Online student from CA


Standing Poses and Hip Openers; Neck and Shoulder applications; Inversions; Twists and Backbends; Aadil Palkhivala’s Spinal Rejuvenation Series; Restoratives; how to assess variations for efficacy and tailor each pose for you or your students; history of the Yoga Wall; overview of Great Wall accessories and basic set-ups.



Purchase the
Manual + More Package which includes the Level One manual, 2 months access to the Level One recordings, and 2 months access to 5 pre-recorded, 90-minute classes for $525
Purchase recordings only of all Level One sessions (no manual) for $375.

Deepen and refine your knowledge of Wall Work by dropping in for individual sessions for $95 or join us for the entire training for $265 (50% discount!). Sign up for individual sessions via the online calendar. Email us to get your discounted rate payment link.



The following props are recommended. For at home participants, to get the most out of this experience, it would be helpful to have the following. We’ll have all of this for students to use at the studio.

  • at least two wall belts, ideally four
  • a sling
  • a yoga strap
  • blocks and a blanket
  • a wall bar (optional – alternatives will be given to those without)
  • bungee set (optional – alternatives will be given to those without)
  • wall hook (optional – alternatives will be given to those without)

Register below or call Purna Yoga 828

Workshop Schedule


Hip Openers & Standing Poses
5 pm – 8 pm EDT
Our opening session will cover The Great Yoga Wall safety concepts, the use of accessories, and how to discuss accessory usage in a clear and efficient manner with students or partners in a pose. We’ll explore how to use traction to create space in the hip joints, relieve compression in the lumbar spine, and go deeper in Standing Poses.


Neck & Shoulder Applications
9 am – 12 pm EDT
There is an abundance of ways in which you can use the Great Yoga Wall to address neck and shoulder issues – whether that is to build strength, especially in movements that are not usually a part of an asana practice, with bungees; to release muscles that tend to be overly tight or weak and end up being a pain in the neck; or to use traction to address compression in the thoracic and cervical spine therapeutically. Learn how to gain both strength and flexibility in the neck and shoulder girdle.

Inversions & Aadil Palkhivala’s Spinal Rejuvenation Series
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm EDT
One of the best uses of the Great Yoga Wall is the ease in which it supports practitioners in inverting when strength and flexibility obstacles stand in the way of going upside down. Give your spine and nervous system the traction it’s been craving and reverse the effects of gravity and the aging process.


Twists & Backbends
10 am – 1 pm EDT
Feel the power of the wall to deepen your twists and backbends with ease. Learn how to support the mobility of your spine as well as the strength of your back body while creating space in the abdominals and hip flexor muscles. Learn how to deepen the traction and support yourself and your students in exploring twists and backbends in a variety of positions from seated to standing to inversions.

Letitia Walker
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