day off!

day off!


Day off! Today is a day of studying for the final, packing up in preparation to move from the house of my fellow affiliate trainee, Shrutee, to my friend Bob’s house for the rest of my stay here, and of course, taking a class at Alive & Shine.

The last few days have been jam-pack-full of learning. I’ve got a TON of new neck and shoulder therapeutic tools (keep your eyes peeled for a Neck & Shoulder workshop in November). I also got some refinement on the Low Back Series as well as some new training in learning Shant Sarovasana (such a joy to watch Aadil teach that pose!). And today I’m taking a prenatal class! It’s so much fun to keep broadening one’s horizons.

And week one wouldn’t be complete without a philosophy lecture from Kumar (above is a diagram of how a transformer works that he drew to elucidate the concept of the heart as a human transformer for the energy from the mind and the pelvis) and a two-day meditation workshop with Savitri. The past two days with Savitri mark the culmination of all the past workshops I’ve taken with her. I am constantly amazed by how my meditation practice has changed and grown since 2008. I can’t wait to teach more meditation when I get back to Asheville.

Let today’s post be a reminder for you that transformation is always an option. The choice is yours to make.

Letitia Walker
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