tony joe white – “the change”

tony joe white – “the change”

Fall is definitely in the air in Asheville, even though Thursday was a lovely, sunny Summer day. But hot days aside, when the evening comes around, there’s a little chill in the air.  The air conditioner seems no longer necessary. In the morning, there’s a briskness that doesn’t belong to Summer but the Fall to come.

Fall is my favorite season. Summer makes me lazy, whether due to the heat or, in this Summer’s case, the rain. But Fall feels like a change, a switch into productivity mode, that is always welcome after the lackadaisical rhythm of Summer.

Singer/songwriter/guitar-slinger, Tony Joe White, “the Swamp Fox” from Lousiana, sings about this feeling in a way that captures the essence of Fall: the chill that comes into the air, the turning of the leaves, the knowing that a change is gonna come. And as he sings, “a little change never done nobody no harm.”  Sounds like a perfect Fall mantra.

Letitia Walker
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