Calling all keyboard jockeys! This pose is for you…

Daily Pose for Keyboarders | Live Yoga Now

Calling all keyboard jockeys! This pose is for you…

Purna Yoga has so many poses for the wrists, forearms, shoulders and neck. It’s a therapeutic cornucopia! And there’s no reason to choose just one when you’ve got the Carpal Tunnel Series, the Hand Series for Arthritis, numerous Trapezius Releases, as well as the canon of poses for the neck and shoulders like Gomukhasana Arms, Garudasana Arms, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. The list goes on and on.

But…  if I worked at a computer for most of my day, I would make sure to incorporate Elephant’s Trunk into my daily stretching repertoire.


Daily Pose for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Live Yoga Now

The above infographic covers most of what you need to know about this pose, but let me add a few more pointers.

First, your arms might not get as straight as mine. As I often say in class: be grateful for the pose you can do today. Get what you get and don’t get upset! If you are able to straighten your arms, focus on creating space at the inner top wrist. Do this work with compassion for your wrists and forearms. Don’t force!

Second, keep the shoulder blades moving down and away from each other as you hold the pose. This pose works the entire channel from the occipital ridge of the skull to the tips of the fingers and everything in between. I often can feel the stretch from the base of my skull, down through levator scapula and the traps, down the arms and into the forearms, wrists and thumbs.

Hold each extension for three to six breaths. Start with three sets of three extensions, doing as many sets throughout the day as you wish. Work mindfully and with compassion.


Letitia Walker
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