day four of therapeutics: put the big rocks in first

The Hip Opening Series |Traction

day four of therapeutics: put the big rocks in first

There’s a metaphor for time management that’s been floating around for some time now. I’m sure you’ll all seen some TedTalk or watched the video of some dying professor’s secret to “fitting it all in” or perhaps you actually know the origin of the analogy. The metaphor goes like this: you have a variety of sized rocks that need to fit in a jar, each representing different elements of your life, and the size reflects the important of each to you. If you put the little things in first, you’ll never fit the big rocks in, so put the big rocks in first and let the smaller stones, pebbles and sand sift in around the big stuff.

Time management has always been an issue for me. I like to do things methodically, which sometimes means slowly. And I like to do A LOT of stuff. And, I usually underestimate how long it will take me to do everything given my methodical pace. When I come to Seattle, time management can get easier, because all I have to do is the yoga, but this time I’m come up against some issues. There’s so much I want to do: take a class, study my therapeutics manual, rewrite my notes from the previous day, meditate, hang out with my housemates. And there’s also the administrative/daily life stuff to do: write blog posts, check my email, facebook, instagram, prepare my meals, laundry, shower…

I’ve implemented a new morning ritual in Seattle of making a list of the things I want to accomplish, the amount of time I think each will take, and ratings of importance. It’s been an interesting experiment to see if I can get things done in the time I think it will take and to notice when I don’t “put the big rocks in first”.

As far as my asana is concerned, the Hip Opening Series is a big rock. If you have low back, hip, or knee issues, this series can be a blessing. But you have to do it consistently, with mindfulness, and attention to balancing the left and right sides of the body as well the opposing actions of the hip (e.g. flexion with extension, internal rotation with external rotation). Yesterday, we practiced the Hip Opening Series with traction to absolutely lovely effects. And when you make space in your body, you’re making space in your life as well. You know, for the big rocks…


Letitia Walker
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