meditation in Silicon Valley

meditation in Silicon Valley


Mindfulness Coach Chade-Meng Tan

I’m still not sure what I think of this entire article from Wired Magazine but I find this quote very interesting and his instruction reminiscent of Purna Yoga meditation techniques.

“As before, Meng’s voice lowers and slows to a crawl. And, of course, we close our eyes. “When you breathe in, breathe in all that goodness into your heart. Using your heart, multiply that goodness by 10,” he says, in a variation on a Tibetan Tonglen exercise. “When you breathe out, send all that goodness to the whole world. And if it’s useful to you, you may visualize yourself breathing out white light—brilliant white light—representing this abundance of goodness.” We exhale. I actually feel a buzzing on the underside of my skull as I try to imagine pure love. For a minute, I forget that we’re in a room ordinarily reserved for corporate presentations.”

                                    – Enlightenment Engineers

Letitia Walker
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