Spring Group Detox at Mountain Air Wellness starts April 8th

Spring Group Detox at Mountain Air Wellness starts April 8th

jonquil3The vernal equinox is almost upon us. This Thursday marks the first day of Spring, and with the changing of the clocks, the days already feel dramatically longer and full of more light. Trees are starting to bud. Jonquils are budding and beginning to bloom. But, for me, nothing says Spring like the tradition of Spring Cleaning.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the yogic observance of saucha (cleanliness) is crucial for letting go of the past and being in the now. Dirtiness is the building up of the past, both literally and energetically. When the body is dirty, it is still holding on to the remnants of the past.  When the house is dirty, dusty, or cluttered, it is layered under the days that have past. In practicing saucha, we are removing those layers of the past, from our bodies, our homes, our cars. This practice can also be applied to the liver, the organ of detoxification. With Mountain Air Wellness’ group detox, Spring can be a time of looking closely at your nutritional habits and making changes that support your overall health, so you can move forward through Spring with joy and ease in the body.

I did my first group detox (first cleanse ever, actually) with Dr. Resa Johnson in the spring of 2011, and I’ve been recommending them to others ever since. I finished the cleanse feeling younger, more energized, and with a greater understanding of how what I eat affects my body and my health. I successfully cut caffeine from my life and discovered by eliminating dairy that my asthma symptoms became practically non-existent.  I slept better and felt more alert throughout the day, free of brain fog. Doing the detox solidified for me the idea that health begins with what you eat.

This cleanse will be my third time going through the process, and my goals this time are to solidify my eating habits to keep my blood sugar stable, strengthen my resolve regarding portion control, understand my body’s reaction to carbs, and deepen my commitment to eating what truly nourishes and serves me.


Here’s what Mountain Air Wellness has to say about the cleanse:

“Each person is biochemically unique. The absence of disease does not guarantee the presence of health. Many major diseases are diet-related and involve problems of the digestive tract and liver. Not only can a detox help individuals overcome health problems, but it can assist in reversing the aging process.

Our detoxification program is 3 phases:

1. Preparation Phase – We are often locked into habits without recognizing their effect on us. Most of us are drug addicts and don’t realize it. Sugar, caffeine, junk food and alcohol all affect our ability to function and though they temporarily make us feel better, they often deplete us in a deeper way. Taking a “drug holiday” is an important way to discover how you really feel and give yourself the opportunity to tune in to your own body’s signals for hunger, sleep and relaxation. Taking this “drug” holiday is powerful enough to totally change your health and help you lose weight quickly. In this phase you will also remove the most common food allergens: gluten, dairy products and soy.

Take a risk! If you do nothing else, doing this will change your life.

2. Detoxification Phase – The liver is the largest metabolically active organ in the body. It is the primary organ in charge of the body’s detoxification system. It plays a vital role as an internal power plant. The liver processes foods, drugs, and medications absorbed from the digestive system, enabling the body to use them effectively and then dispose of them. It manufactures and exports substances like bile, cholesterol, triglycerides for use elsewhere in the body. The detox is designed to assist the important functions of the liver as a “garbage collector and recycler”. To assist with this process, a special medical food will be picked for you from the extensive questionnaires filled out. Along with the medical food, two special soups will added this week while you are on a liquid-only schedule. During this phase, besides weight loss, you can expect to feel more energetic, to sleep better, and to be rid of chronic sinus and digestive problems and headaches.

3. Reintroduction Phase – During this phase, you will start to reintroduce the foods that have a potential for intolerances. During reintroduction, you can monitor their effects on your health. (e.g. If you get a stomachache or your nose stuffs up when you eat dairy products, it is best to stay away from them.) This phase solidifies the hormone and immune changes in your body and allows you to reset your metabolism for the long term. This phase is really just a start for the rest of your life.

Variety, fun, nourishment, pleasure, color and wholeness are essential for making this way of eating exciting for the rest of your life!

The classes consist of 3 group meetings and one week of intensive detox at home.

The dates for the classes are:  Tuesday, April 8th, Tuesday, April 22nd, and Monday, May 5th  

The detox intensive dates are April 28th – May 2nd.  All classes are held in our Asheville office and begin at 6:30 pm.”

For more information, or to register,  please call Mountain Air Wellness @ 828-255-0007.

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