The Great Yoga Wall Workshop for Your Shoulders

Neck and Shoulder Work using the Great Yoga Wall

The Great Yoga Wall Workshop for Your Shoulders

It’s time for another Great Yoga Wall workshop! I love getting the opportunity to help people find greater freedom and mobility through the Great Yoga Wall. One Center is the only studio in town with this state of the art yoga wall.  If you’ve never gotten the chance to work with the Wall, this might be the moment you’re waiting for, especially if you feel like you’ve got neck and shoulder issues.

Modern Living tries its best to wreak havoc on our necks and shoulders. Driving, sitting at a computer, looking down at our phones, holding children, chopping vegetables: these activities and more ask so much of our shoulders. When the shoulders are tight, the body feels stress, and when the body feels stress in the shoulders, it registers in the body as exhaustion. When the upper body is restricted, not only do we have neck and shoulder pain, but our capacity to express ourselves, open our heart center, and feel more joy is also diminished.

And that’s where the Great Yoga Wall comes in.

This incredible yoga tool helps us find greater opening in the muscles that make up the shoulder girdle and the neck so that our thorasic and cervical spines can move towards realignment. This opening and realigning then sets the stage for strengthening muscles like the deltoids and the rotator cuff so that we keep the shoulder joint stable and happy.

This workshop will help you open your chest as well as your heart, release tension in the shoulders as well as your mind, and find more joy and energy as you let go of stress in your upper body.



Open, Re-align & Strengthen the Neck & Shoulders Using the Great Yoga Wall
September 19, 1 – 3 pm at One Center Yoga

$30 in advance, $35 day of, capped at 16 students

register at One Center Yoga.



Letitia Walker
  • Meagan Scroggs
    Posted at 09:48h, 08 September

    Would this workshop be appropriate for someone with scoliosis and severe neck/shoulder issues? Or would you recommend a yoga therapy session first?

    • Letitia
      Posted at 12:32h, 08 September

      This workshop could be appropriate for someone with scoliosis and severe neck and shoulder issues though it would be helpful to have a phone consult ahead of time.