Variations on Vegan Ice Cream

Variations on Vegan Ice Cream

I’ve talked about banana ice cream on this blog before. And for a while I was on a year-round banana ice cream kick. Even in the dead of winter, I had frozen bananas in the freezer at all times, so making a batch was quick and easy whenever I had a craving.

At the beginning of this year, on the advice of my nutritionist, I cut down on my daily servings of fruits. As it turned out, I was eating waaaay more fruit than I could really take, and it was doing a number on my blood sugar. So, the first fruit to go: bananas. Eating a banana always made me want another banana.  I’m someone who could eat 4 bananas a day, easy-peasy.  They’re so convenient when you need a quick snack.

But, now that’s it’s hot in the mountains, ice cream has been calling me, and since I don’t eat dairy or sugar, bananas have made it back into the mix. It’s nice to have bananas again for special summertime treats, and the fact that they’re all frozen makes it hard to eat too many.

Here are some new variations on banana/vegan ice cream from The Kitchn, A Beautiful Mess and Buzzfeed Life I’ve been collecting lately. Some of these recipes are off the table for me as they call for sugar or sweetening beyond just the bananas, but it’s nice to have a few new things to try.

Check out my pinterest boards for more sugar-free, dairy-free, anti-inflammatory, semi-paleo but with more vegetarian-options recipes that might expand your menus.

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