yoga and your brain

yoga and your brain


“Without the sustained intention of focusing on the present, and calming the mind, going to a yoga class is literally just going through the motions.”
– “Yoga: Changing the Brain’s Stressful Habits” by Alex Korb, Ph.D from his PreFrontal Nudity column for Psychology Today

I found this article by Alex Korb, neuroscientist researcher, to be an interesting read on the neurobiology of the brain in reaction to stress. Yoga certainly does give us lots of opportunities to examine our habits and even choose to let go of them.  Nice to see a scientist apply this to the brain’s habits as well.

Letitia Walker
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  • Jayne Cagle
    Posted at 10:21h, 26 July

    this is brilliant in a glowing heart sort of way : ) thanks for seeking and posting this : )