Balance Your Hips Using the Great Yoga Wall

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Balance Your Hips Using the Great Yoga Wall

It’s time for another Great Yoga Wall workshop! I love getting the opportunity to help people find greater freedom and mobility through the Great Yoga Wall. One Center is the only studio in town with this state of the art yoga wall.  If you’ve never gotten the chance to work with the Wall, this might be the moment you’re waiting for, especially if you feel like you’ve got “tight hips”.

The Hips: the source of our mobility, one of the connections between the axial and appendicular skeleton, and the storage center of our emotional stories and creative desires. As one of the two major ball and socket joints in the body, the hip joint is constantly compressed and compacted as we move through daily life. What this joint calls out for is traction and decompression.

And that’s where the Great Yoga Wall comes in.

We can use the Wall to traction the hip joint and the muscles that act on the hips in order to create more space. In creating space, we’re creating freedom. When the hips are open and balanced, we have greater range of motion, greater ease of movement, and the opportunity to let go of emotional baggage that we may have stored.

This workshop will traction, release, and open your hips in a variety of poses to give you greater freedom of movement so that you can move forward in your life more easily, both literally and figuratively.


Balance the Hips Using the Great Yoga Wall
August 1, 1 – 3 pm at One Center Yoga

$30 in advance, $35 day of, capped at 18 students

register at One Center Yoga.



Letitia Walker
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