Deconstructing Downward-Facing Dog | Purna Yoga 828

Apr. 28th: Deconstructing Downward-Facing Dog

Deconstructing Downward-Facing Dog

Join Hannah Berlin on April 28th, 2019  •  1–3 pm

Purna Yoga 828 • $40

In this Downward-Facing Dog workshop, you’ll learn how to:
  • address hand, wrist, and elbow issues
  • find the power of the legs to lengthen the hamstrings and the spine
  • work the shoulder blades optimally to keep the rotator cuff muscles safe and relieve neck issues

 Adho Mukha Shvanasana. Downward-Facing Dog. This commonly-practiced yoga pose is ripe with benefits. It both opens and strengthens the legs as well as strengthening the arms while releasing the upper back. It strengthens the ankles. It expands the lungs. It stimulates the immune, circulatory, digestive, and endocrine systems. It’s an inversion. It’s both a warm-up and a resting pose.  It might be a basic pose, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple or easy to do. From the hands to the hips to the hamstrings to the heels, there’s a lot to work on.

Take this opportunity with Hannah to examine your practice of Adho Mukha Shvanasana and refine your pose for you. We’ll be exploring all the aspects of this pose to receive the most benefits while keeping the deltoid and rotator cuff muscles safe, happy, and strong. Come away with a deeper understanding of how to tailor this pose for you!

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