Kitchen Sink Sequence

Kitchen Sink Sequence | Live Yoga Now

Kitchen Sink Sequence

This is one of my “kitchen sink” sequences based on the beta sequence taught at all level one classes at Alive and Shine Center, Aadil & Savitri’s home studio in Bellevue, Washington. A “kitchen sink” sequence gives you a little bit of everything. It’s a general sequence designed to work on building strength and creating opening for the whole body.

Let me know in the comments which poses were challenging, which you love, and which ones were the pose you love to hate. Let this be time to practice and feel.  I haven’t given you detailed instructions for all of these poses. See what you remember from class and explore. However, if you’ve never practiced Headstand, now is not the time to start. Let’s work on this in class first, 😉


Kitchen Sink Sequence

Start with Centering and the Opening Series (Parvatasana, Parshva Virasana, Quad Pump, Baddha Konasana, Quad Pump)


Adho Mukha Svanasana

Choose a Shoulder Opener: Gomukhasana, Garudasana, or Sarvangasana Prep with a Three-Minute Egg or Block

Shoulder Work Poses | Live Yoga Now

Classical Surya Namaskar (see how well you can remember the sequence or check out this hyperlapse video of one side on my Instagram)

Choose a Standing Pose: Trikonasana, Parshva Konasana or Virabhadrasana 1

Standing Poses Work | Live Yoga Now

Choose a Shirsasana (Headstand) Variation: Dolphin Push-ups or Shirsasana

Choose a Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) Variation: Supported Setu Bandha, Supported Sarvangasana using a chair, Sarvangasana at the wall



Hip Opening Series (yogi’s choice: do all or just the first three poses)

Shavasana (Corpse Pose)


Alrighty folks! I’ll miss you on Saturday, but I’ll be practicing this sequence myself at 10 am. I hope you’ll join me and leave your feedback in the comments below.


Letitia Walker
  • Letitia
    Posted at 17:19h, 21 July

    Glad you like it, Meagan! Looking forward to hearing how it turns out for everyone.

  • Meagan Scroggs
    Posted at 09:08h, 21 July

    Thanks for this! I’ll be practicing with you!