mediation app with Michael Stone

mediation app with Michael Stone

cog_MichaelStoneI take great joy in my meditation practice. Generally, I practice meditation using the heart-centered techniques of Savitri.  These deeply profound techniques, which Savitri calls Snacks, give me a method to move away from the thoughts of my mind and instead choose to connect deeply with my heart and my inner-most self, my spirit.

However, my first experience with a meditation teacher was with Michael Stone, I believe in 2004, when he made his first trip to Asheville. I was drawn to his mode of practicing yoga (both asana and meditation) that incorporated both his psychotherapy background, his Buddhist teachings and his deep respect for the fascinating worlds contained within the ancient yogic texts.  Michael Stone is a reader, a writer, a practitioner, a teacher, and an activist.  I have the upmost respect for his work.

While I don’t practice Vipassana style meditation often, I find it a nice prelude to a pranayama practice. And if Michael Stone lived closer or came to Asheville more often (I think he’s only been here twice; the second time in 2009ish), I would study with him. Now, with this mediation app for iPhones and iPod touch, I can get a little Michael Stone right here in my meditation room.

Check it out… Let me know what you think…

Letitia Walker
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