Purna Yoga Shout-Out: Purna Yoga East

Purna Yoga East | Live Yoga Now

Purna Yoga Shout-Out: Purna Yoga East

Purna Yoga East has the most beautiful baseboards of any studio I’ve been to. They must be 10, 12 or even 14 inches tall. Big enough for anyone to place her feet against them while lying on her back and still have the entire foot on a flat surface. This is not usually the case in yoga studios, even alignment studios, where it is commonplace for students to lie on their backs, feet at the wall to get a feel of what the foot really does in Supta Tadasana, to ensure that all four corners of the feet are grounded.  Usually, you’re there, on your back, feet at the wall, and the heel is on the baseboard and the toes are on the wall.

Aadil at Purna Yoga East | Live Yoga Now

Aadil and those famous baseboards at Purna Yoga East photo courtesy of purnayogaeast.com


You may think that I’m just being picky, finicky or OCD about this, but even for yoga (perhaps especially so) the details are what count.

When you see those baseboards at Purna Yoga East, you know that this is a studio that cares about the details and took the time, energy and love to make sure they got them right. And if they take that much care with the baseboards, imagine how much care they’ll take with you.

That’s why it’s one of the top studios in the country, IMHO. If you live in the Triangle area, I recommend taking a class at this exceptional studio.

Letitia Walker
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