The things you go through during soft opening…

Live Yoga Now | Electrical Issues

The things you go through during soft opening…

If you’re a regular PY828 student, you know that we’ve been dealing with heating and electrical issues for the last few days… It’s situations like this that make me grateful we’re in our soft opening period, getting all the kinks worked out and making sure that everything is as it should be, before we make the marketing push to reach a broader audience.

Well – our electrical and heating professionals have determined that we need a new electrical panel, which cannot be installed until Tuesday.

So rather than consistently bring you this back and forth of “Are we on or are we not?” We have decided to shut the studio down until Wednesday at the earliest.

Stay tuned for more updates and our apologies for this interruption to your and our schedule.

I’ll leave you with two quotes (one from PY828 instructor, Mili Perez, and the other from Sri Aurobindo) that are keeping us looking on the bright side during this perceived time of obstacles:

“Even though the weather is being tough, it is helping to uncover these technical issues earlier rather than later. Everything is always a blessing.” – Mili Perez

“There are always difficulties and a hampered progress in the early stages and a delay in the opening of the inner doors until the being is ready . . . . The road of Yoga is long, every inch of ground has to be won against much resistance and no quality is more needed … than patience and single-minded perseverance with a faith that remains firm through all difficulties, delays and apparent failures.” – Sri Aurobindo

Letitia Walker
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