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August 25th: Great Yoga Wall: Stand, Twist, BackBend

Great Yoga Wall Mini-workshop: Standing Poses, Twists, & Backbends

Join Letitia Walker on August 25th, 2018  •  1–4 pm

Purna Yoga 828 • $75

This Great Yoga Wall mini-workshop will focus on standing poses, twists, and backbends. Feel how practicing with the Wall helps you:
  • create more mobility in the hips
  • stretch, release, and unwind the muscles around the spine
  • bring more youth and vitality into the spine

The Great Yoga Wall™ is an invaluable prop in a yogi’s arsenal. Infinitely and easily adjustable for all bodies, The Great Yoga Wall™ can help you find deeper feeling in your poses, use traction to bring greater opening in the body, and work therapeutically towards greater health in the hips, neck and shoulders, and spine.


Discover how the Yoga Wall helps you:

  • Create more mobility in the hips as you access the strength in your legs to support the spine in Standing Poses. Learning how to use the legs to support the spine builds bone density as well maintaining integrity in your ligaments and tendons.
  • Stretch, twist, and otherwise bring more mobility into the spine, releasing the muscles around the spine from the erector spinae muscles to the intervertebral. Releasing the muscles around the spine gives an opportunity to let go of issues of fear, lack of control and instability.
  • Build on the previous work of standing poses and twists to end with opening the front body in backbends. Add traction to your backbends to get more length in the spine and create more space for the spinal discs. Help your spine become younger and more supple while bringing more joy into your body.

6 months yoga experience suggested.

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Letitia Walker
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