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Mar 26th – Apr 9th: The Three Rs: Release, Restore, Reset

The Three Rs: Release, Restore, and Reset with Melody Cooper

A 3-week online course through

Fridays, March 26th through April 9th, 2021  •  5:45-7 pm

$38 ($35 for PY828 Members)  •  Access each Friday’s recording for the weekend

Let go of your week as well as physical and mental tension to feel peace and joy through restorative poses.

Restorative poses have always been a priority at Purna Yoga 828 – even more so during this last year of lock-down. We know how valuable restorative poses are to our health and well-being and encourage students to dedicate time to self-care through rest. Restorative poses deeply relax the body by releasing muscular tension, thereby improving mobility and flexibility. These poses also still the busy mind and balance the nervous system along with boosting the immune system. In addition, this self-care practice develops compassion and understanding towards yourself and others and improves your capacity for healing and balance.

The Three Rs: Release, Restore, and Reset is an online, 3-class mini-series with Melody Cooper designed to help Release tension, Restore balance, and Reset your connection to your inner light and joy. Starting on March 26th at 5:45 pm, spend 75 minutes for three consecutive Fridays simply letting go!

The shorter first part of the class will be active and use Purna Yoga techniques to release tension in the eyes, jaw, neck, and shoulders as well as bring fluidity to the entire body. The rest of class will be more restorative. We will hold the poses longer and utilize props to assist with release. A list of props follows and there are also many items around your house which you can substitute for these props. 

The class is designed to help you let go of your week, counteract physical tension built up by time spent at the computer and on the phone, and bring you to a peaceful and balanced state where you can connect to the light within you and the joy in your heart. Think of these 75 minutes as a Yoga power reset to start your weekend. 

Props needed for class:

1 Bolster (or a long couch cushion or 2 folded blankets)
1 Blanket (or a large towel)
1 10’ Strap
2 Blocks (books can work as a substitute)
a wall or door or someplace you can put your legs up – could be the side of a bookshelf or dresser


About Melody: Melody Cooper is a lifelong Yoga and meditation practitioner who is a graduate of the 200 Hr Teacher Training through Purna Yoga College. Her personal practice deepened when she moved to Asheville in 2016 from her longtime home of Key West, Florida. Melody, a professional musician who plays harp, piano, and sings, turned to her daily practice for grounding, ease, and balance in this transition. Melody takes advanced classes with Aadil Palkhivala and regularly attends class and is a demo model for classes at Purna Yoga 828. 


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