morning meditation

morning meditation


I wake up at 6:45 am every weekday morning.  The alarm goes off and I immediately get out of bed.  If I don’t do this, I will sleep until 9. I get a cup of hot water with lemon (my morning ritual since ditching coffee in 2011) and head to the yoga room.  Sometimes I’m ready to go, ready to sit, with zero resistance.  And sometimes, like this morning, I’ve actually been up for a while, awakened by a strange dream or Orson wanting in or out of the bed or my husband sleeping fitfully.  If I’ve been up since 5 am, like this morning, then I usually start my practice with restorative poses to ease my way in. This usually works great.  I spent 15 to 20 minutes in restorative poses, and it’s like pushing the snooze button yogically.  Not today though. Today this technique backfired and I awoke to look at the timer that had gone off looong ago. And outside the yoga room door, I heard a sniffing dog, asking to be let in.

So, today, I started my morning meditation at 8:15 with my zen buddy, Orson.  Better late than never.

Letitia Walker
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